University Bound (UB)(formerly Upward Bound) is a college preparatory program designed to generate the skills and motivation that lead to academic success for students in high school and beyond. University Bound extends its services to high school students from families meeting low income criteria and/or to potential first generation college students. It seeks to help students who have academic ability, but who may not have the preparation, motivation or opportunity to realize or demonstrate their full potential.UB provides a unique experience with a different meaning for each student who is eager to grow and learn in a setting designed for success.

UB was instituted at the University of the Virgin Islands in the summer of 1966. Since its inception, it has helped many high school students in the Virgin Islands progress toward their goal of attaining higher education.

Program Goal

The goal of the UB is to provide opportunities to eligible high school students with academic potential who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education. The program offers academic instruction, individual and small group tutorials, individual and small group counseling, college admission information, and cultural, social and recreational activities to its participants.

Structure and Activities

  • The Academic Year Program is held on Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters.
    October - May
    Saturdays are scheduled for students to receive tutoring, counseling and classroom instruction. Students are assigned after-school tutorial as is necessary. Additionally, there are numerous extra-curricular activities planned to augment the academic program.
  • The Summer Residential Component includes an intense 6-week preparatory program.
    June - July
    Students will participate in an intense residential program for six weeks during the summer. They will attend daily classes in composition/literature, math through pre-calculus, laboratory science through chemistry or physics, and foreign language. They will also elect from among the following non-curricular offerings: steel pan, concert choir, drama, dance and beginning swimming. Additionally, students will be exposed to wide variety of cultural enrichment, social and recreational activities.

A dedicated staff of administrators, counselors, tutors, resident assistants and instructors are all involved to provide services that meet the students' needs.

University Bound offers a year-round educational program, which includes an Academic Year and a Summer Residential Component.

You are eligible to apply if you:
  • have completed the 8th grade
  • are attending one of the high schools in the U.S. Virgin Island
  • have and maintain a minimum 2.0 or above Grade Point Average.
  • are from a low-income family, as determined by the guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Education
  • are a potential first-generation college student. (Neither parent has obtained a Bachelor's or higher degree)
  • are enrolled in or agree to enroll in academic, vocational and college preparatory courses at your school.
  • have good behavior and attendance record at school.

How to Apply

Applications for UB are accepted year-round, on a first-come, first-served basis. To be considered for the UB Program, you must submit the following:

  • A completed University Bound Application
  • Your parents' or guardian's most recent 1040 or 1040A Income Tax Return
  • A letter of recommendation from your high school counselor or a math, science, or English teacher
  • Your most recent high school transcript or report card
  • Sit an interview with your parents or guardian to discuss your participation in the program.


There is no cost to students who participate in University Bound, or to their families. Moreover, as a member of the program, students receive a stipend based on their compliance with University Bound rules and regulations as they pertain to attendance, punctuality, attitude, behavior and participation in academic activities.

University Bound is a total learning experience involving home, school and community.