School of Education
Master of Arts in Education

Graduation Requirements
Prospective Students should be aware that all requirements for the degree can be completed on either campus.
EDU 500  Basic Research Techniques 3
EDU 501 Measurements and Evaluation 3
EDU 504 Educational Psychology 3
EDU 505 Foundations of American Education 3
EDU 506 Foundations of Guidance 3
EDU 530 Independent Study 3
EDU 600 Thesis 6

EDU 547 Fundamentals of School Administration 3
EDU 548 Organization and Governance of American Education 3
EDU 549 Supervision of Instruction and Staff Development 3
EDU 550 Seminar on Issues in Educational Administration 3
EDU 551 Curriculum Development 3

EDU 542 Theories, Strategies, and Techniques of Counseling 3
EDU 543 Group/Family Counseling and Consultation 3
EDU 544 Career Development Counseling 3
EDU 545 Seminar in Current Trends and Problems in Counseling 3
EDU 546 Practicum in Counseling 3

TEACHING CONCENTRATION with a speciality in Computer and Technology
*Students in this area may select 15 credits from the following areas:
EDU 561  Introductions to Computers in Education 3
EDU 562  Introduction to Educational Technology 3
EDU 563 Computer Applications in Schools 3
EDU 564  Educational Technology in the Learning Process 3
EDU 565 Practicum in Educational Technology 3
TEACHING CONCENTRATION with a speciality in Reading
*Students in this area may select 15 credits from the following areas:
EDU 519 Supervision of Reading Instruction 3
EDU 552 Fundamentals of Developmental Reading Instruction 3
EDU 553 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation for Classroom 3
EDU 554 Literature for Children and Adolescents 3
EDU 555 Research and Trends in Reading and Writing 3
TEACHING CONCENTRATION with a speciality in Special Education
*Students in this area may select 15 credits from the following areas:
EDU 520 Characteristics of Exceptional Children 3
EDU 556 Special Education: Strategies and Design 3
EDU 557 Internship/Seminar in Special Education 3
EDU 558 Behavior Management in Educational Settings 3
EDU 574 Assessment in Special Education 3

NOTE: Students who do not write a thesis must additionally enroll in three credits of electives from among graduate concentrations courses and take a comprehensive examination.