Interested students wishing to become members of the Honors Program must submit and receive approval of a completed application prior to the end of the third semester of university-level course work at UVI or other institutions. The students must then matriculate through the Pre-Honors Program and satisfy the requirements for the HON 101 course; maintain a 3.3 GPA; demonstrate Honors attitudes, values, and behaviors; as well as actively participate in Honors activities. Upon successful completion of the Pre-Honors Program, students meeting the criteria for admissions into the Honors Program will be recognized during a pinning and inauguration ceremony.

Relationship between Honors Activities and Community Service:
Community involvement is a major component of the Honors Program. It is implemented across all four years of the Program. In the freshman year (through Honors 101 and Honors activities), students are exposed to issues of concern through a "Community as Text" orientation. In the sophomore year (through Honors 201 and Honors activities), students research issues they've learned about, and in the upper division they plan and implement projects and reports/presentations (see Honors 401, 402). The Honors activities throughout the four-year Program stimulate and are integrated with community service.

Contact Information:
Dr. Vincent Cooper
Honors Program Director
(340) 693-1351