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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Communication is a dynamic, exciting program about messages and technologies and people. The field is home of social media, broadcasting, print media, smart phone communication, computer communication, speech, performance, public relations, new media, photojournalism, television, video, web streaming, rhetoric, desktop publishing, web publishing, digital entrepreneurship and communication with yourself. Our topics are right up-to-the-minute with new technology like Virtual Reality News, and live streaming video.

 It is all about delivering messages to people who need to know your information. The field is one of the most exciting career areas to discover. We know that communication is a critical skill for attaining leadership positions in every field. Good communication is a ticket to success in whatever you do.

At UVI we offer a broad program of study under the Communication Program. Every student at UVI gets a basic class in public speaking and interpersonal communication, People who major in Communication continue into deeper examination of our “tracks” of study: Broadcasting, Journalism, Computer Mediated Communication, Speech, Theater and visual arts.

COM 205        Broadcasting I – Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
COM 340        Broadcasting II – Studio Operations and Management
COM 211, 212 213 and 214 Radio Production

COM 200        Journalism workshop
COM 310        Newswriting for Mass Media II
COM 312        Feature writing
COM 315        Intro to Public Relations
COM 325        Desktop Publishing

Computer Mediated Communication
COM-230        Computer Mediated Communication ONE
COM 430        Computer Mediated Communication TWO
COM 325        Web Publishing
COM 435        Digital Entrepreneurship

COM 221        Oral Interpretation of Literature
COM 227        Voice and Diction
COM 401        Argumentation and Debate
COM 403        Rhetorical Criticism
ENG 343         Language Theory 

THE-110         Introduction to Theater
THE 211-212-213-214 Theater Production (up to 2 credits)
THE-323         Basic Acting
Plus two electives in Theater up to 6 credits.  

Visual Arts
ART-117         Design
ART-125         Survey of world Art
ART-126         Selected Problems
ART-128         Drawing
ART                Elective

We offer a varying selection of specialty classes; the subjects depend on who is teaching and what subject is generating a lot of interest. Recently we had a class about radio studios – students built the studio and wrote the book on its operations. We had a selected topic that involved creating an entire movie from top to bottom and one on Intra-Personal Communication about Sleep and Dreaming.

Students can also pursue topics of particular interest for credit through directed studies and Independent projects. We expect every student to take an Internship and discover something new on-the-job.

The communication program is offered on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix and the St. Thomas Campus.

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Department Chair or Program Coordinator

Dr. Alex Randall 

Alexander Randall 5th                                      
Chairman of Communication, Art and TheaterProfessor of Digital Media Communication Faculty advisor: WUVI – The Voice of the University Office: Studio 5 in the Penha House                          
Administrative Assistant Ms. Charmane Joseph (STT); Ms. Debbie Joseph (STX)