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Campus Update

As a result of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the University’s Registrar’s Office has extended the add/ drop period, until Friday, Oct. 13, 2017. Students with questions are asked to send an email to registrar@uvi.edu. Students who wish to withdraw from classes must do so before Oct. 13, 2017. See this link the Withdrawal Form & the Hurricane Irma and Maria Refund Policy.



School of Nursing
Title Date added Category File Size File Type
Application for Admission to BSN Program 2017 02/17/2017 School of Nursing
0B Form-Survey
BSN Completion Paradigm June 2016 08/23/2017 School of Nursing
0B pdf
BSN Paradigm 2016 Revised 82117 08/23/2017 School of Nursing
513KB Policy-Procedure
BSN Paradigm for HLSCC Applicants 07/19/2017 School of Nursing
0B Policy-Procedure
BSN Paradigm Honors Program 2017 07/19/2017 School of Nursing
635KB Publication
BSN Student Handbook - Revised June 27, 2017 07/18/2017 School of Nursing
1MB Policy-Procedure
Drug Dosage Calculation Handout for BSN 07/20/2016 School of Nursing
0B pdf
Nursing BS Assessment Methods for 2006-2007 06/17/2013 School of Nursing
63KB Policy-Procedure
A RICH VI Newsletter 04/24/2017 School of Nursing
632KB Publication
HSRP Catalog of Secondary Sources 01/05/2016 School of Nursing
220KB pdf
HSRP Fact Sheet 07/29/2016 School of Nursing
455KB pdf
Human Services Programs in the US Virgin Islands: Environmental Scan Report 2016 04/24/2017 School of Nursing
11MB Publication
Men & Heart Disease 07/27/2015 School of Nursing
0B Publication