Students participating in UVI's Computer Science programs learn a variety of programming languages.College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Computer & Computational Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Program Description

A computer science major is offered for students who plan on starting a professional career in computer science immediately after graduation or for students who intend to pursue graduate studies. The program provides a strong professional foundation in computer science, mathematics and science, and includes electives which can be selected to provide exposure to an application area in science or computer information systems. It is suitable for students seeking employment in the computing industry and for students seeking an understanding of how computers and their applications evolve.


The Computer and Computational Sciences is actively seeking ABET accreditation for its newly design 2012 B.S. in Computer Science program.  All requirements for the computer science degree can be completed on either campus.  Please consult the Chair of the Computer and Computational Department or your faculty advisor for more information.

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Dean Dr. Sandra Romano
Department Chair Dr. Marc Boumedine
Administrative Assistant