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Albert A. Sheen Campus Photo Tour

  • Aerial view of UVI's Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix

  • Albert A. Sheen Campus welcome sign on St. Croix.

  • UVI's iconic Palm Drive is the entrance to the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix

  • UVI's Research and Technology Park held a grand opening for its new 64 West Center on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix on May 31, 2013.


  • Another view of the UVI Research and Technology Park, which also houses UVI's College of Science and Mathematics on St. Croix.

  • The Melvin H. Evans Center for Learning hosts classrooms and administrative offices on St. Croix.

  • UVI's library on St. Croix is located in the Melvin H. Evans Center.

  • Students us Computer Labs extensively for research and other work.

  • UVI's library on St. Croix is located in the Melvin H. Evans Center.

  • The Research and Extension Center on St. Croix is home to the Cooperative Extension Service and the Agricultural Experiment Station, Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs.

  • Students on St. Croix are involved in biotechnology research.

  • Agricultural Experiment Station on St. Croix Campus conducts a wide variety of research - such as into the island's unique horticultural environment.

  • Agriculture research at UVI reflects St. Croix's historic ties to farming.

  • Animal science is a particular challenge in the tropics.

  • UVI's Aquaponics Program draws world-wide interest.

  • UVI students find themselves studying and play in the midst of beautiful tropical scenery.

  • Students head from class in the Melvin Evans Center to the St. Croix Cafetorium and residence hall.

  • Security is is a presence on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • The Cafetorium on St. Croix handles cafeteria and auditorium duties. A snack bar is located nearby.

  • A variety of games and passtimes are are available to students at the Activities Center.

  • UVI's Bucs Fitness Center on St. Croix provides 900 square-feet for aerobics exercise and strength training.

  • UVI' St. Croix Bookstore lies in the heart of campus.

  • The St. Croix Campus Bookstore offers more than books.

  • The residence hall portion of the Delta M. Jackson Dorsch Complex on St. Croix features 15 three-bedroom suites.

  • The Dorsch Complex on St. Croix encloses a private courtyard.

  • Single and double occupancy dorm rooms are available.

  • UVI provides a quiet, safe, supportive environment that promotes learning communities.

  • UVI's School of Nursing offers the Associate of Science Nursing Program on St. Croix.

  • Chemistry Program

  • UVI's Process Technology Program prepares students for careers in a high-demand field.

  • Humanities offerings at UVI include the popular Music Program.

  • The Miss UVI Pageant alternates between the campuses on St. Croix and St. Thomas.

  • Career Fair match students and graduates with potential employers.

  • Associate and Bachelor degrees in nursing are available at UVI.

  • Outdoor tennis courts are conveniently located on campus.

  • Tai Kwon Do is among the physical education offerings on St. Croix.

  • Students, faculty and staff join members of the public in the annual Queen Mary Walk/Run that concludes on the Albert A. Sheen Campus.

  • UVI is for YOU!