Where do I find forms?
  • Use the Forms tab on the Human Resources home page.

What are the results of the 2008 Performance Incentive Awards Survey?

Will each employee within the same grade and position receive the same adjustment?
  • No. Based on the objective of Phase IIB, which is to move individuals closer to the UVI CUPA market while preserving current step differentials to the extent allowed on the proposed pay plan, an employee's market adjustment will be based on the current step within their pay grade. For example, an employee on step 5 of his/her respective grade will receive a different pay than an employee on step 7 within the same grade and position classification. In general, step differentials reflect the experience, past considerations for longevity, and performance of persons in their relative positions.

When would Phase IIB be paid out?

  • Subject to Board approval, bi-weekly and monthly employees will receive retroactive compensation for the UVI CUPA market adjustments no later than six (6) weeks after the Board's approval is made.

How would my new salary, grade and step be communicated?

  • A notification letter will be generated and distributed to all employees reflecting the new salary, grade and step no more than two (2) weeks prior to the issuance of the compensation adjustment payout.

How will salary changes be treated for individuals who have changed positions during the effective period?

  • The salary of an employee with position title change(s) as a result of re-classification, promotion, transfer etc., will be calculated on the compensation in the current position; any applicable pro-ration will be based on the period in which the new salary action went into effect.

How would the salary of an individual who is an acting capacity be handled?

  • If an employee was assigned to a temporary assignment, the salary adjustment will be based on UVI CUPA market for the individual's regular position. In addition, the individual's acting differential will be added to the adjusted regular salary in accordance with the Salary Adjustment Policy - Acting Assignments Section VII - No. 42.04.

How will the Phase IIB salary adjustments impact component budgets?

  • Component budgets will be adjusted by a budget allocation equivalent to the salary adjustments for eligible employees in each component from funds appropriated from the Virgin Islands Government for Fiscal Year 2007.