Be UVI President for a Day!

Apply for President for a DayUVI holds the President for a Day role reversal once a year and alternates between both campuses – the St. Thomas campus and the Albert A. Sheen campus on St. Croix. The 2016 role reversal will take place on November 16 on the Albert A. Sheen campus. David Hall will swap roles with a UVI undergraduate student for a day. The fortunate student chosen to serve as UVI’s President for a Day will follow President Hall’s schedule and Dr. Hall will attend the classes and other events scheduled by the student. All undergraduate students from the Albert A. Sheen campus are welcome to submit an application to serve as President for a Day. Application deadline is October 19, 2016. Click here to access the 2016 application. Once the application is complete, please email to

For 2015, UVI student athlete Jared Hanley was chosen to be UVI’s President for a Day. He and Dr. David Hall switched roles on April 13, 2015 and spent the day walking in each other’s shoes. Jared swapped classes and textbooks for board meetings and a briefcase, while Dr. Hall gave up his corner office and executive assistant for track and field practice, chemistry, and physics classes.

President Jared spent his day in meetings with vice presidents, the chairman of the UVI Board of Trustees, the provost, and many other distinguished UVI personnel, including Ms. Una Dyer - the executive assistant to the president - who Jared described as “the real MVP.”  Throughout the day, Jared championed the cause for commuter students and school pride. He proposed meal plan options during his cabinet meeting and discussed recruitment programs for high school students with the Board of Trustees chairman, in hopes to build UVI pride within the community. Along with the chief financial officer, Ms. Shirley Lake-King, he spoke at the Student Government Association’s student forum to update the student body on the proposed tuition changes at UVI, where he was met by David Hall, the student, who came to make his voice heard. All in all, Jared described the day as one he would never forget; and at the end of that memorable day, Jared retired to the President’s Guest House, where he spent the night. Click here to view President Jared Hanley’s schedule.

David fully immersed himself in Jared’s schedule. His day began at 8 am with General Chemistry, followed by General physics at 9 am. In his Research and Applied writing course, he was required to write a perspective essay on his view on the legalization of medical marijuana. “I’m looking forward to getting my grade back from Dr. Cooper; I think I wrote a very good essay and made some very strong points,” said Hall. Among the many adventures as a student, Hall got a first-hand glance of the challenges that commuter students face. After his afternoon workout in the Wellness Center – that left him sore for several days - Hall was forced to wear his workout clothes for the remainder of the day because he had nowhere to shower. He describes the experience as one that was very revealing; it is one thing to know of someone’s struggle but another to experience it. Despite the setback, Hall proceeded to the cafeteria, where he said other students gladly joined him for lunch. Later that afternoon, everyone on the field was shocked while watching Dr. Hall conduct sprinting exercises, led by the Track and Field coach, Dale Joseph, whose only fault was his inability to give Hall a body that could actually do the required exercises. Luckily, the end of track practice marked that the end of the day was fast approaching. Hall made his way to the Dining Pavilion once more for dinner, then headed home. Click here to view student David Hall’s schedule.