Be UVI President for a Day!

Ever wondered what it's like to be the President of UVI?

If you were President of UVI, what would you do to improve this institution?

"I got a glimpse of what students encounter as they go through the experience . . . Anytime you can interject something that forces us to get out of our routine and see the world in a different way, it is just very exciting." - Dr. David Hall

Here's your chance to . . .

  • exchange roles with President Hall for one day.
  • gain first-hand insight into running a university.
  • show President Hall what it's like to be a student at UVI.
  • have a unique professional development experience.
  • implement one of your ideas for real, lasting change at UVI.
  • earn a $1,000 scholarship.


Who's Eligible
All UVI students can apply

Contact Information
Astrid Tuitt
Institutional Advancement

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