CSAP will be an active learning community where spirituality and professionalism are practiced as key essentials to success.


To promote the study of spirituality and professionalism and disseminate information and resources that inspires ethical and responsible behavior.


To impact lives and organizations worldwide through the study of spirituality and professionalism.



1. Develop and maintain a comprehensive collection of existing scholarly materials, reports, manuscripts and electronic media on the subject of spirituality and professionalism.

2. Establish a learning community to encourage the benefits of people learning together as they search for knowledge and explore wisdom.

3. Serve as a catalyst and source of support for new empirical and descriptive research in the field of spirituality and professionalism, with specific concentration on the professions of law, education, business, health, and psychology.

4. Publish a Journal which disseminates the scholarship of researchers from UVI and other leading academic and professional organizations.

5. Convene conferences, symposia and workshops which explore the intersections of spirituality and professionalism.

6. Collaborate with professionals who conduct research on linkages between spirituality and concepts such as multiple intelligences, and emotional and social intelligence.

7. Promote, sponsor, and facilitate weekend retreats that discuss issues related to spirituality and professionalism.

8. Train members of the academic community about the importance of spirituality in professional education and the inherent value of integrating spirituality in education.

9. Develop courses on spirituality and professionalism that can be used by different disciplines and re-define ethical training to encompass spiritual dimensions.

10. Serve as a catalyst and resource for the systematic inclusion of spirituality into the core curriculum of UVI at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

11. Work collaboratively with primary and secondary educational institutions for the systematic cultivation of a values-based educational approach.

12. Become a recognized center for the study of spirituality and professionalism.