Interfaith Gathering (The Golden Rule) STT   1/24   12:00P-1:00P   CAB 304
Interfaith Gathering (The Golden Rule) STX   1/25   12:00P-1:00P   Pavilion
Solidarity Service   Masjid Nur   1:00P-2:00P / Synagogue 6:30P-8:00P
Conflict Management Course STT   2/7-8   8:30A-4:30P   ACC 142
Conflict Management Course STX   2/16-17   8:30A-4:30P   Great Hall
Ethics & Decision Making Workshop for Students STX   2/8   11:30A-1:00P   Great Hall
Ethics & Decision Making Workshop for Students STT   2/9   11:30A-1:00P   TED 101
Interfaith Gathering (Peace of Mind & Balanced Living) STT   2/21   12:00P-1:00P   CAB 304
VICPC/VIPD Training   2/22-24   8:30A-4:30P   SFC 210
Workplace Ethics: Morals, Values & Ethics STX   3/2   8:30A-3:00P   Q100
Workplace Ethics: Morals, Values & Ethics STT   3/3   8:30A-3:00P   ACC 142
Project R.E.C.O.V.E.R.Y. Interviews   3/16-21   ACC 203
Interfaith Gathering (Emotional Intelligence) STT   3/21   12:00P-1:00P  CAB 304
Interfaith Gathering STX  (Tuning In To Self) 3/22   12:00P-1:00P   Pavilion
Conflict Management Course STT   4/10-11   8:30A-4:30P   ACC 142
Conflict Management Course STX   4/20-21   8:30A-4:30P   Great Hall
Interfaith Gathering (Nature Walk) STT   4/18   12:00P-1:00P   ACC (Under the Mango Tree)
Interfaith Gathering (Nature Walk) STX   4/19   12:00P-1:00P   Pavilion
Mediation Certification Course STX   5/15-19   8:30A-4:30P   NWW 102-103
Mediation Certification Course STT   5/22-26   8:30A-4:30P  ACC 142
Interfaith Gathering STX   5/24   12:00P-1:00P   Pavilion
Interfaith Gathering STT   5/30   12:00P-1:00P   CAB 304
Professional Development Lecture STT   TBA
Professional Development Lecture STX   TBA
Conflict Management Course SXM   6/1-2   8:30A-4:30P   TBA
Youth Violence Prevention Summit STX   6/27   12:00P-4:00P   Great Hall
Youth Violence Prevention Summit STT   6/28   12:00P-4:00P   ACC 142
***SAVE THE DATE Fall Interfaith Festival  ~  September 10th (STT) & September 17th (STX) ***


The Center has acquired the following collection and will make individual volumes available to those persons wishing to utilize this resource:

World Spirituality: An Encyclopedic History of the Religious Quest, edited by Ewert Cousins. New York, NY: The Crossroad Publishing Company.

Individual Titles:

  • African Spirituality (2 volumes)
  • Buddhist Spirituality (3 Volumes)
  • Busy Family's Guide to Spirituality
  • Christian Spirituality (3 Volumes)
  • Common Sense Spirituality
  • Confucian Spirituality (2 Volumes)
  • Hindu Spirituality (2 Volumes)
  • Islamic Spirituality (2 Volumes)
  • Jewish Spirituality (2 Volumes)
  • Modern Esoteric Spirituality
  • Spirituality and the Secular

Interested persons should call our office - (340) 693-1240 - to make arrangements for use.


Promising Practices - A National Study of College Students' Search for Meaning and Purpose

Promising Practices summarizes campus-wide initiatives and institutional practices from colleges and universities across the country, and features examples of practices that can facilitate students' spiritual development. This guidebook can serve as a companion to Cultivating the Spirit: How College Can Enhance Students' Inner Lives by Alexander W. Astin, Helen S. Astin, and Jennifer A. Lindholm (Jossey-Bass, 2011). Promising Practices is designed for use by administrators, faculty, student affairs professionals, and student leaders who are committed to supporting students' spiritual development.