This is an intensive two-week course designed to equip participants with a broad knowledge and functional skills necessary to assume leadership and management roles in local and international environments that are being shaped by global forces of technology, commerce, and communication. The Course focuses on three areas:

  1. Global Business Environment; Strategic Management and Planning - A review of the changing global business environment and its impact on local and international markets. Special focus is on developing a functional knowledge of the international strategic marketing planning process that takes into consideration the global resources, political, cultural and economic environment. The role of strategic management and planning for gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage will also be covered.
  2. Leadership and Management for Tomorrow - An examination of leadership and management concepts and practices essential for effective leadership and management in the local and international segments of the global village. Emphasis is on learning how to develop a capacity to adapt to changing demands in the workplace as a safeguard against obsolescence in an ever-changing technologically challenging, highly competitive global marketplace.
  3. Culture and Communication - A study of behavioral and communication skills necessary for functioning in local and global environments. Students will be exposed to the contributions of the world's peoples and cultures, with special focus on both local and international cultural diversity. This will also cover language skills to enable students to gain an appreciation of some basic conversation in a cross-cultural setting

Areas of Study

  • Dynamics of world, regional, and micro-state economies
  • Changing structures of local and international markets
  • The changing nature of local and international industries and infra-structures
  • Characteristics of effective leadership and management in a changing local and international community
  • Caribbean heritage
  • Communication skills in a cross-cultural setting

Coursework includes classroom instruction by a team of specialists in various disciplines. Course delivery will involve lectures, case studies, role plays, discussions, seminars and group work. Extracurricular activities will include visitations to historical sites, social, cultural, political, governmental institutions, and commercial centers.