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Intellectual capital is a prime resource of any organization, but is of particular significance and merit at the University of the Virgin Islands. It presents the communal application of the collective expertise, capabilities, and competencies of its membership in an arena which fosters utilization and expression of these attributes for the betterment of UVI and the broader community. UVI has a longstanding tradition of recruitment and hiring practices which filter applicants in order to hire the most highly qualified available individuals. The process has engaged multi-level stakeholders allowing for collaborative decision making.  Learn more about UVI's full-time and part-time employment opportunities posted on our People Admin system (http://careers.uvi.edu). New Employment Opportunities:
  • Agriculture Aide II
  • Research Specialist II
  • Men's Soccer Coach and Instructor of Physical Education
  • Basketball Coach and Physical Education Instructor
  • Assistant/Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Registrar
  • Administrative Assistant I
  • Grounds Keeper II
  • Budget Analyst
  • Etelman Observatory Education and Outreach Events Coordinator
29 openings as of September 2, 2014