VIMAS' primary objectives are to:

  • Increase interest in and awareness of marine career opportunities for the Virgin Islands' youth. This is accomplished by:
  1. Career Day. Students learn what career opportunities are offered in the territory through presentations made by local residents who currently hold positions related to the marine sciences.
  2. Formal presentations to students in classrooms outside of Career Day.
  3. Providing information at community outreach events.
  • Assist coastal planning and decision-making to foster a balance between development and our living and non-living resources. This is accomplished by:
  1. Dissemination of the document entitled 'Waves of Change: A Resource for Environmental Issues in the U.S. Virgin Islands" to senators and other decision makers.
  2. Attending stakeholder meetings for the the St. Thomas East End Reserves (STEER).
  3. Serving as committee members for various agencies that focus on our coastal natural resources.
  • Increase the general public's awareness and understanding of marine resources and marine affairs. This is accomplished by:
  1. Engaging the community to learn about these resources at various community events to include the Agricultural Food Fairs, Reef Fest, Coast Weeks, Environmental Learning Outside the Classroom, and Afternoon on the Green.
  2. Publishing press release articles in coordination with the local newspapers to highlight current and on-going research at UVI.
  3. Increase online presence through the use of social media to help raise awareness about marine resources within the territory.

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