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STT = St. Thomas Campus,
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

STX = Albert A. Sheen Campus,
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

STJ = St. John Academic Center,
St. John, US Virgin Islands

Romano, Sandra, Ph.D.

Romano, Sandra, Ph.D.

Interim Dean of College of Science and Mathematics
College of Science and Mathematics








Research areas include molecular systematics of scleractinian corals and molecular analysis of coral disease. Research interests and specialties are corals, coral reefs, marine invertibrates, molecular systematics, biodiversity, conservation biology, and pre-health profession advising.

Area: Evolutionary Biology

Abstract of Research: My general interests are in the evolution of biodiversity in marine organisms, particularly those that make up the coral reef community. My research focuses on using molecular tools to understand the evolution and population genetics of scleractinian corals, the animals that form the framework of coral reefs. I use molecular characters to test morphological hypotheses about higher level relationships (between genera and families) within the order Scleractinia. Most recently, in collaboration with colleagues, I have started using molecular characters to better understand the dynamics of coral disease.

Selected Publications: 

  • Romano, S.L. 1990. Long-term effects of interspecific aggression on growth of the reef-building corals Cyphastrea ocellina  (Dana) and Pocillopora damicornis (Linnaeus). JEMBE 140:135-146
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  • Shearer, T.L., van Oppen, M.J.H., Romano, S.L. and Worheide, G.. 2002. Slow mitochondrial DNA sequence evolution in the Anthozoa (Cnidaria). Molecular Ecology 11:2475-2488
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