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Access and Enrollment Services


STT = St. Thomas Campus,
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

STX = Albert A. Sheen Campus,
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

STJ = St. John Academic Center,
St. John, US Virgin Islands


The Admissions Office, a unit within the Access and Enrollment Services (ACES) component at the University of the Virgin Islands, works diligently and enthusiastically to support the academic mission and strategic goals of the University by providing recruitment, admission, and enrollment information and services to internal and external constituents.  The primary purposes of the Admissions Office are (a) to provide persons access to higher education and (b) to assist the University in attaining optimal enrollment.   Moreover, the Admissions Office supports the overarching mission of ACES by facilitating the student enrollment process.

Dr. Xuri Maurice Allen
Director of Admissions/Recruitment

Admissions has been an integral part of my life since 1983, my first year of college!  I became an Admissions Tour Guide in the second-semester of my freshman year and that started the chain of events that have led me to full-time, professional work in Admissions for over 15 years.  As Director of Admissions/Recruitment, I want every admissible prospective student to attend – and graduate from – this Undeniably Viable Institution!  Learn more about Dr. Allen.

photo Tenisha Nanton

Ms. Tenisha Nanton
Admissions Recruiter

Ms. Charmaine Smith
Coordinator for Enrollment Services

(340) 692-4070

Ms. Barbara Todman
Coordinator for International Admissions

(340) 693-1150

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NameTitle & DepartmentEmail & Phone Number

Adrien, Suzanne F.Financial Aid Supervisor II
STT: 340-693-1096
Allen, Xuri M - Ph.D.Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions
STT: 340-693-1224
Barry, FranciscaAssociate Registrar
STX: 340-692-4103
Beaupierre, Corally B.Financial Aid Specialist I
STX: 340-692-4193
Brathwaite, Nyisha SEnrollment Services Specialist II
STT: 340-693-1161
Joseph, Alicea V.Financial Aid Supervisor I
STX: 340-692-4251
Mingo, Cheryl M.Enrollment Services Specialist II
STT: 340-693-1166
Nanton, TenishaAdmissions Recruiter
STX: 340-692-4158
Penn, NatashaAdmissions Recruiter
Potter, Monifa J.Registrar
STT: 340-693-1151
Ramos, Irene J.Enrollment Services Specialist I
STX: 340-692-4104
Roberts, Cheryl A.Director of Financial Aid
STX: 340-692-4192
Smith, Charmaine I.Coordinator for Enrollment Services
STX: 340-692-4070
Todman, Barbara ICoordinator for International Admissions
STT: 340-693-1150
Walters, Tiyana N DRecruitment and Admissions Specialist I
STT: 340-693-1097
Watts-Francis, Alice M.Office Assistant to the Vice Provost
STT: 340-693-1165
Williams, Norma O.Financial Aid Specialist II
STT: 340-693-1094