The Verification Instructional Procedure identifies the information to be collected by the Financial Aid Offices.

  • 2015-2016 Verification Instructional Procedure:  Verification Instructional Procedure
  • 2015-2016 Verification Worksheets:  Dependent Students | Independent Students
  • Request a tax transcript for 2014 with IRS Form 4506-T

2015-2016 Verification Procedures

V1 – Standard Verification V-1 Dependent Student Verification Worksheet
V-1 Independent Student Verification Worksheet
V3 – Child Support
V-3 Dependent Student Child Support Verification Worksheet
V-3 Independent Student Child Support Verification Worksheet
V4 – Custom Verification V-4 Dependent Custom Verification Worksheet
V-4 Independent Custom Verification Worksheet
V5 – Aggregate Verification V-5 Dependent Aggregate Verification Worksheet
V-5 Independent Aggregate Verification Worksheet
V6 – Household Resources V-6 Dependent Household Resources Verification Worksheet
V-6 Independent Household Resources Verification Worksheet
Request Tax Transcript for 2014

U.S.V.I. Tax Filers Request form for Internal Revenue Bureau (IRB)

4506T Form must be completed and submitted to the IRB office.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Tax Transcript for 2014 Online Request