The Aquaculture Program has been developing tilapia production systems
 for the US Virgin Islands since 1979. The initial efforts focused on cage culture of tilapia in watershed ponds that had multiple uses for livestock watering and crop irrigation.

Early work in aquaponics began with research by Barnaby Watten and Robert Busch, recorded in the journal article "Tropical Production of Tilapia (Sarotherodon aurea) and Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) in a small-scale recirculating water system." Aquaculture, 41 (1984) 271-283. Elsevier Science Publishers.

James Rakocy joined the team in 1979 and expanded the Aquaculture Program with the development of research and demonstration systems in aquaponic and biofloc systems

.Early barrel system for aquaponics         Early Barrel System for Aquaponics

Wading pool system for aquaponics

Early barrel and wading pool systems developed by Watten and Busch, circa 1980.

Aquaculture Facilities in early 1980's Aquaculture Facility
Expanded facilities, 1985 and now.

UVI Aquaponics Workshops are offered  from January - May each year.  The Workshop is offered to interested students, entrepreneurs and farmers. This education program makes extensive use of the facilities with hands-on training in the practical aspects of aquaponic and biofloc systems and tilapia production.

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