Facilities Fee Schedule

Fee structure for visiting researchers is shown below. Long term rates are negotiable for use over seven days. Rates for UVI sponsored events or UVI faculty collaboration with outside investigators is discounted 30%. Fuel not included.
Need to use one of our vessels? Please fill out an float plan.


Vessel  Size-Capacity Notes Full Day (>4hrs) Half Day (<4hrs) Fuel Surcharge
Willie Mac II * 42 ft. 20 ppl max fee includes captain $450  $55/hr $45*
Garuppa* 30 ft. 12 ppl max single engine inboard (380 hp) $450 $65/hr $45*
Depth Perception 28 ft. - 7 ppl max twin engine outboard (225 hpx 2) $375 $55/hr $5.25/gallon
Mako 234 23 ft. 8 ppl max twin engine outboard (150 hp x 2)  $60/hr $60/hr $100.00 for over 6 hours. Otherwise included in hourly rate.
Blue Runner 17 ft - 6 ppl max single engine outboard (150 hp) $45/hr $45/hr N/A
Twin V 13 ft. - 4 ppl max single engine outboard (50 hp) $30/hr $30/hr N/A
* Fuel surcharge for these vessels will be charged according to the zone in which they are used.
Zone 1 ($45): South side of St. Thomas less than 3 miles offshore
Zone 2 (round trip $75; one way $45): St. John, North Side of St Thomas, or more than 3 miles offshore
Zone 3 (round trip $135; one way $75): St. Croix, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Culebra/Vieques


UVI has available a 4 door, 4WD Chevrolet silverado truck (2013). The minimum charge for use is $30/day with an additional $1/mile. In order to operate the vehicle you must read and agree to the CMES vehicle policy.


Laboratory fees secure the use of a reasonable amount of both wet and dry laboratory space, the use of lab equipment and common supplies.

Participant 1-7 Days 8-28 Days > 28 Days
Course Instructor/ Principal Investigator $30/day $25/day $20/day
Students/ Research assistants $20/day $15/day $10/day

Tank/Equipment Charges

Description Daily Rate
Tank - air $5
Tank - nitrox $10
BC and regulator $20
Rebreather fills - nitrox $30
Rebreather fills - trimix $40
Rebreather use $40
CTD $110
HD Video Camera $30
Hydro-lab $80

The following items are also available at MacLean Marine Science Center:
Amperometric Oxygen Titrator
Analytical balances
Basic lab glassware
Bench top Clinical Centrifuge
CO2 Incubator
Drying Oven
Flow through seawater system with seawater tables and aquaria
fluorometer/turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, PAR
Millipore Simplicity Water Purifier
Nortek 1MHz and 600 KHz AWAC
Nortek 600 KHz Aquadopp ADCPs
Portasal Salinometer
SeaBird SEB25 Sealogger CTD with additional sensors:
Sieve Shaker and Sieve set
Technicon AutoAnalyzer with auto sampler and single channel manifold
Ultrasonic bath
Underwater Video Camera
Westco Easy Digest 20/40
Wetlabs logging fluorometer/turbidity sensor