CMES has facilities and research capabilities on all three of the US Virgin Islands, including MacLean Marine Science Center (MMSC) on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Marine Advisory Service (VIMAS) on St. Croix, and Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station (VIERS) located on St. John. CMES facilitates and supports a wide range of research activities for its resident faculty and staff as well as for visiting researchers and student groups.

Wet and Dry Laboratories
MMSC, is a two story building with faculty, staff and student offices and a video conference room on the upper level of the building. On the lower level are the dive support facilities, showers and locker rooms, workshop, four research labs (Ecology, Genetics, Neurobiology, Water Resources), one general use lab for students and visitors and one teaching lab which can hold 16 students. To accommodate live marine organisms, MMSC has two ~600 gallon holding tanks and multiple indoor and outdoor shallow sea tables. Fresh seawater is pumped to all tanks through a constant flow gravity-feed system.

CMES dock

Water Tables    Lab

Dive Support
The CMES dive program is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).

Dive facilities include equipment rental (mask, fins, snorkel not included), air fills and enriched air fills (up to 49%) for certified divers. We are also capable of filling bottles with 100% medi-pure oxygen for support of closed circuit rebreather diving.

CCR divers

Gear   CCR
Those interested in diving should contact UVI's dive safety officer, Steve Prosterman, at 340-693-1399 or sproste@live.uvi.edu.