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VI-EPSCoR supports efforts to strengthen the quality of undergraduate mathematics and science education, with particular emphasis on increasing student involvement in research.

VI-EPSCoR-funded projects offer many opportunities for UVI undergraduates to participate in research with, and to be mentored by, UVI faculty and other researchers. Many faculty and researchers facilitate inter-university research opportunities for undergraduates through their professional relationships with colleagues at other universities. 

VI-EPSCoR Supports undergraduate and student research through research assistanceships provided within the context of Incubator Grant funding. Improved research facilities at the UVI campuses as well as at the VIERS facility create an exponential increase in the number of research opportunities available to undergraduate students. If you are an undergraduate student looking for a research opportunity, please go to the Research section of our site and read about the research interests of the faculty and other EPSCoR affiliated researchers.

Internet of Things: A VI-EPSCoR 2016 Summer Program

Program Description:

VI-EPSCoR to host a summer program, The Internet of Things, as part of the Emerging Caribbean Scientists (ECS) Program!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a residential program that allows students to work with a faculty mentor and IoT expert Dr. Michael Smith for 3 to 4 weeks on an interdisciplinary project combining Marine and Environmental Science with Internet Technology. Dr. Smith will provide training and guidance about how to apply Internet and Maker Space technologies to Marine and Environmental Science challenges.

As an IoT fellow, you will use innovative methods to solve real world challenges and create usable products, meet multiple times per week for group sessions, present idea, and attend seminars about Internet and Maker Space technologies. You will be exposed to workshops on Marine and Environmental Sciences, application technology and communication skills. Be advised that this program will consist mainly of group work, as building products to be used by researchers is a collaborative endeavor.

Student Qualifications:
  • No minimum GPA Requirement
  • ANY major can be accepted
  • No more than 30 college credits completed
  • UVI or Non-UVI Virgin Islander students who have graduated from VI High Schools, coming home for the summer
On-line Applications Due February 29, 2016

Apply through the Emerging Caribbean Scientists (ECS) Programs website - ecs.uvi.edu - or use this direct link.
Non-UVI Virgin Islandsers returning for summer should leave the UVI ID field blank.