VI-EPSCoR Incubator Grants support researchers in exploring new research directions related to the project’s focus on Integrated Caribbean Coastal Ecosystems (ICCE). VI-EPSCoR provides seed funding to researchers to support pilot research, proposal development, and other activities that advance a research project to the point at which it can attract competitive external funding.

This year, the focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on research related to aspects of the ecology of the star coral, Montastrea. The purpose of the Montastraea incubator is to focus our collective intellect and infrastructure on a common problem, for which we have an excellent base of background information, and leverage this focused energy into a successful application(s) for research support to the National Science Foundation, a primary objective of the VI-EPSCoR Research Infrastructe Investment program.

This program was detailed in a presentation/discussion on Friday, September 2nd and I am attaching the powerpoint of that meeting here. If you would like further information about the program and specifics of the research concept, or would like to discuss ideas for participation please contact myself or one of the Research Thrust Leaders: Richard Nemeth (Evolutionary and Ecological Patterns and Processes), Nasseer Idrisi (Ocean Processes and Environmental Analysis), and Kostantinos Alexandridis (Human Dimensions).

Instructions to Submit your Research Concept
We envision that those who wish to participate will prepare a 1-2 page preliminary Research Concept submission. The goal of this process is to allow the steering committee to understand who is interested and what components will be forthcoming. Unlike normal pre-proposal applications, this process is to start a dialogue between the steering committee and you so that your ideas can be best integrated in a way that meets to group goal of achieving a successful external research grant. We want your inputs and your participation!

If your work can be integrated, the next step will be to develop a Scope of Work for your contribution, with specific deliverables that can be used in the larger proposal to NSF, and with a specific timeline.

The opportunities and limitations of support under the Montastraea Incubator are outlined in the powerpoint presentation. You will note that details of the project are purposefully vague. We would like the details to emerge from the collaborative development of the project.