Upgrade Spatial Analysis and Statistics Facilities
VI-EPSCoR is creating a Center for Spatial Analysis and Statistics facility to significantly strengthen management of research data and to develop capacity in spatial analysis and applied statistics.

Key elements of this facility would be to offer GIS-based courses and consulting services for the USVI and region. It would also include the development of an environmental database and web portal that would allow users to access and query long-term environmental data, including land-use and coastal development patterns, rainfall, sedimentation, marine water quality, coral cover, fish assemblage structure, and other similar data.

One concept under consideration includes a Caribbean-wide acoustic tracking study database that would serve as a collaborative clearinghouse for the large number of acoustic receiver arrays and transmitters that are currently being deployed throughout the Caribbean tracking animals as diverse as sharks, reef fish, turtles, and marine mammals.

Another concept under consideration, which is receiving support from the local fishing community, is to develop a Cooperative Fisheries Institute at UVI that would establish a collaborative relationship among UVI scientists, fishermen, and local and federal fisheries agencies with the primary goal of providing robust statistical analysis of U.S.-Caribbean fisheries data.