For almost 40 years, the University of the Virgin Islands has used funding made available through the Title III, Part B program and its predecessor to develop the institution's infrastructural capacity (physical, fiscal and administrative) to better serve its students and the Virgin Islands community. With the inclusion of the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) grant program in 2010, the institution has been able to strategically address institutional challenges.

Some of the projects that have been funded in whole or in part by the UVI Title III and SAFRA programs include:

  1. UVI Freshman Center - In October 1997, the UVI Freshman Center and Development Program began serving the freshman population. Funded in part by Title III through its Comprehensive Freshman Year Experience Program, the Center is designed to facilitate the students' transition to college life. In 2006, the Freshman Center was transformed to the Campus Advising and Tutorial Services (CATS) Center, which provides advising and tutorial services for all students in need. CATS was later incorporated into the Center for Student Success-a unit that integrates the institutional initiatives and services to support student retention, persistence and success.
  2. Construction of the Music Suite in 1998 - Title III funds were added to a grant from the US Department of the Interior to provide a state-of-the-art facility for music majors at the University, replacing the wing of the metal hangar building that previously housed the Music Program, and which was severely damaged by Hurricane Marilyn in 1995.
  3. Development of the Inter-campus communication system in 1997- This communication system benefits the University by delivering learning opportunities between campuses and into the community. St Thomas camous - microwave his decreases the University's costs for expenses such as travel for inter-island conferences, and additional staff for lecture classes on both islands.
  4. Development of an Office of Sponsored Programs, Grants, and Contracts-Led by Dr. Gwen-Marie Moolenaar, former provost, this office was created to centralize the acquisition and management of externally funded research, teaching and service activities, in order to increase faculty and staff involvement in applying for and attracting external funds to support institutional initiatives and research projects.
  5. VISION 2012St. John Academic Center - In 2006, as a part of the development of a Comprehensive Outcomes Assessment process, the institution developed a new strategic plan to guide its development through the year 2012-its 50 th anniversary. The plan focuses on four strategic areas of focus: educational excellence, institutional improvement, financial sustainability and community engagement.
  6. St. John Academic Center-In early 2011, with support from the SAFRA grant program, UVI established its first academic presence on the island of St. John. With classrooms in Cruz Bay that are linked by video-conferencing technology to classes on St. Croix and St. Thomas, students that reside on St. John are able to take several of their classes on that island, thereby reducing the need to travel to St. Thomas.
  7. Pathways to Greatness -Funding from the Title III Part B grant provided support for the initial phases of the institution's strategic plan for the five-year period, 2012 through 2017. This plan highlights six areas of focus for institutional improvement: academic quality and excellence; student development and success; community engagement and globalization; modern and safe university environment; organizational and human development; and financial sustainability and growth