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Bucs Open Soccer Quarterfinals at Home With a Loss; Play Tuesday on Puerto Rico

UVI’s Bucs dropped the first match in the 2014 LAI soccer quarterfinals Saturday, Nov. 22, falling 4-0 to UPR Rio Piedras. The loss puts them in the daunting position of needing to win their next match – the second against Rio Piedras – by more than four points if they are to advance to semi-final action. That match is scheduled on Tuesday, Nov. 25, on Rio Piedras’ home field in Puerto Rico.

“This is a learning process for us,” Head Coach David Santesteban said. “We fought hard, but when you get to the top teams in this league the differences (in training as a full team on a regular basis) are clearly apparent.” “I think the guys played well and the other team is a very good team,” he said.

Santesteban said the loss “inspires us to do better next year. For us this is a justification to put the whole team on one campus, that’s where we’re heading.”