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Employees Warned Against Scam Calls Regarding CIGNA Information

UVI’s Director of Employee Benefits and Immigration Services Veda Richards is warning employees to be on the alert for scam calls that may be made to their home or cell phones from an individual, or individuals, claiming to be a CIGNA HealthCare representative and seeking to verify your personal information – such as Social Security number and date of birth. Please do not give personal information to anyone claiming to be a CIGNA HealthCare representative over the phone. Do not reveal your CIGNA HealthCare ID number or any information pertaining to you or your family members.

Employees are asked to try to obtain a phone number for the caller (check caller ID on cell phones), or to simply hang up. These individuals may also attempt to contact employee dependents covered under the plan. Employees are urged to communicate this information with family members. Everyone is advised to carefully safeguard their information. Identity theft is a major problem. Information is often readily available to those who are intent on perpetuating a crime.   

Questions should be directed to Internal Auditor Alan Bray at (340) 693-1218. Employees receiving such calls should contact Bray, Richards at (340) 693-1429, or Human Resources Director Ron Meek at (340) 693-1421.