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Faculty and Staff Returning to Renovated Social Sciences Building

Members of the UVI Social Sciences faculty and staff are returning to the newly renovated Social Sciences Building on the St. Thomas Campus from today (Jan. 21) through Monday, Feb. 3. The moves are scheduled as follows:

  • Jan. 21 - Dr. Simon B. Jones-Hendrickson, Dr. Dion E. Phillips, Dr. Robert Nicholls and Dian Gréaux-Levons
  • Jan. 22 - Dr. Gerald Bushee, Dr. Hossana Solomon, Dr. Patricia Todman and Atty. Nandi Sekou
  • Jan. 23 - Dr. Aracelis Francis, Dr. Kathleen Dudemaine and Dr. Kimarie Engerman
  • Feb. 3 - Dr. Malik Sekou

All phones have been transferred back to the building, therefore, e-mail is presently the most effective mode of communication with the faculty and staff. As the moves are completed, phone lines will be activated. The department asked for patience as the transition is being made. For details, contact Dian Gréaux-Levons via e-mail at