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Institutional Research & Planning Announces Administration of the 2014 CIRP Freshman Survey

UVI’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning has announced that it will administer the 2014 Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey from Aug. 25 through Sept. 5, 2014. The survey will be offered in collaboration with the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI), an interdisciplinary center for research, evaluation, information policy studies and research training in postsecondary education based at the University of Los Angeles. The major goal of HERI research is to determine what happens to students when they attend college.

The CIRP Freshman Survey is for all first-time, full-time students. It is designed to reveal students' pre-academic preparedness, find out what influenced their college choice and learn why they choose UVI. The results will help the University understand the needs of its students. UVI can then use the results to improve what it provides, ensuring students are better served and that they have a successful higher educational experience.

UVI’s Freshman Development Seminar (FDS) instructors will present the survey to students during the first two weeks of Fall Semester classes. According to the Office of Institutional Research & Planning, the project would not be possible without the willing support of FDS coordinators and instructors, and the cooperation of students.