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UVI Parking Plan Program Enforcement Now in Effect

UVI has begun full enforcement of the new parking program which was implemented in September of 2013.  The parking program is designed to enhance campus safety and security through improved accountability of vehicles parked on campus, provide designated/color coded parking lots for campus users and to regulate traffic on the campus during special events among other objectives.

 Effective Tuesday April 1, 2014, all vehicles of UVI students and employees parked on campus must have valid parking permits which are visible to security officers. Vehicles must be parked in appropriately designated color coded parking areas, i.e. residential student parking (red lots), commuter student parking (purple lots), faculty and staff parking (green lots), visitor parking (orange lots) or open parking (yellow lots). The Security Department will issue tickets or citations and or immobilize vehicles for lack of properly displayed valid parking permits and other parking violations (e.g. parking in handicap parking spots, etc.) 

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to comply with the parking policy by completing the online vehicle registration form in the Employee Information tab of Banner, which is available from the myCampus portal at