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UVI Career Services Host U.S. Peace Corps Informational Session on Feb. 17

UVI Career Services will host a United States Peace Corps information session and film on Tuesday, Feb. 17, on the St. Thomas Campus. United States Peace Corps Regional Recruiter Leslie Jean-Pierre will give presentations on the financial, educational and professional benefits of Peace Corps service. 

 As part of the presentation, Jean-Pierre will show the film “Girl Rising” at 4 p.m. in the Administration and Conference Center’s first-floor conference room. The film depicts nine unforgettable girls around the globe – striving beyond circumstance, pushing past limits. Their dreams, their voices, their incredible stories are captured in this film about the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world.

 Girls featured include:

  • Ruksana, an Indian pavement-dweller whose father sacrifices his own basic needs for his daughter's dreams.  
  • Sokha, an orphan who rises from a life in a Cambodian landfill to become a star student and accomplished dancer.  
  • Suma, who writes songs to help her endure forced servitude in Nepal and today crusades to liberate others.

“Girl Rising” depicts the heart of a movement that is spreading around the world promoting this powerful truth: Educating girls in the developing world can transform families, communities, entire countries and break the cycle of poverty in just one generation. Discussions following the viewing of the film will highlight the critical role the Peace Corp plays in educating women around the world.

 Jean-Pierre also welcomes the opportunity to have class/group presentations lasting from five minutes to 90 minutes based on the needs of the class/group to highlight the following: 

  • How the Peace Corps can offer hands-on experience and leadership opportunities in the field of interest.
  • Possible career paths and graduate school opportunities following Peace Corps service.
  • Peace Corps benefits, which include a monthly stipend, full medical and dental coverage, 48 vacation days, intensive language training, and just over $7,400 at the completion of service.
  • His personal experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Guinea, West Africa as a community development and preventative health volunteer.

 To RSVP for the “Girl Rising” viewing, plan a class or group presentation, or for more information, contact V. Rivers, Career Services, by phone at (340) 693-1087 or email at