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"UVI ‘President for a Day’ Program Accepting Applications; Deadline set for March 10

The “UVI President for A Day” program is currently accepting applications from eligible undergraduate students interested in participating in a President for a Day role reversal. The successful student will have the opportunity to swap roles with UVI President Dr. David Hall and follow his schedule for the day. In turn, President Hall will attend the student’s classes and take part in events in the student’s current schedule.

Eligible applicants must be a full-time, undergraduate UVI student with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Applicants must be enrolled in classes on the St. Thomas Campus. The application deadline is Tuesday, March 10. "The President for A Day" role reversal day will take place Monday, April 13.  Both Dr. Hall and the chosen student will give a public presentation of their experiences on April 27.

This annual event affords the president the chance to experience student academic and social life first-hand. Also, it provides UVI students, insight into the roles and responsibilities of a university president. The student chosen for this honor receives a $1,000 scholarship. 

Apply online at this direct link: UVI President for A Day Application. For more information contact Astrid Tuitt, Office of Institutional Advancement, at (340) 693-1047 or e-mail