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UVI Employees Invited to Important Meeting with President David Hall on Oct. 31

UVI faculty and staff are invited to attend an important meeting hosted by University President David Hall at 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 31.

President Hall will host the meeting from the Administration and Conference Center Building first-floor conference room with videoconference connection to Chase Auditorium on the St. Thomas Campus.  On St. Croix, employees can join the meeting in the Great Hall.

The purpose of the town hall meeting will be to update employees as follows:

1) The administration will share with employees the results of the comprehensive compensation study recently finalized and the various scenarios under consideration to address the goals of the study. The completion of the study was a direct result of one of the goals outlined in our strategic plan which speaks to the development of competitive compensation packages inclusive of salary and benefits by first conducting a salary comparison study.

2) During the past academic year, Gov. Mapp announced that he was implementing employee salary increases for departments within the central government.  President Hall approached the governor about increases for University employees and he consented to include a provision for such an increase in the University’s Fiscal Year 2017 operating budget. The Bill was passed by the Legislature and subsequently signed by the Governor.  As a result, the University now has a designated salary pool to provide for employee salary increases. The University is grateful to the Governor, the Legislature and the Office of Management and Budget for its support in this critical area.

President Hall will share with employees an update on the proposal for distribution of salary increases. Please note that President Hall has already convened meetings with both the staff and faculty shared governance leaders and the University Budget Committee to discuss the Administration’s proposal and solicit recommendations and feedback about moving forward.  Your feedback is also a key part of our shared governance process and employees are encouraged to engage President Hall at the meeting.

3) Lastly, President Hall will seek employees’ feedback on recommendations or suggestions on how the University can be more supportive of the needs or concerns of employees that can be included as part of the list being developed by the Administration.

The structure of the meeting will be that President Hall will make a presentation and then the floor will be open for any questions, comments or feedback.  If you would like to share in advance any feedback or pose a question to be discussed at the meeting, please feel free to channel them through your respective shared governance leaders. Alternatively, you can contact the Office of the President directly at (340) 693-1000 or via email at