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VIUCEDD Issues Call for Research Participation

Are you a parent or guardian of a child with autism or other developmental disability as a result of brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, etc.? Is your child under 22 years of age? Then we need you. VIUCEDD is conducting a research study to better understand what parents think about the services received for their child from their health professionals.

We would like to know what you want and need from these professionals and if these wants and needs are being met. What you have to say is important. We are asking for responses to a short survey questionnaire. This questionnaire is anonymous; no one will be able to identify you. English and Spanish version will be made available. Parents/guardians who have completed the survey have the opportunity to participate in focus group interviews (a group of people responding to questions) about their experiences and thoughts. Focus group interviews will be done in English and Spanish.  Interviews can be done in Haitian Creole as needed. Again, names and other identifying information will not be used. All responses will be analyzed as a group for research purposes. To complete the survey and participate in the focus group interview, please contact Dr. Karen Brown, lead researcher at or (340) 693-1173.