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Project Promise’s Caterpillar Project Heal VI Youth in Aftermath of Hurricanes - RTPark Donation, Partnership Make Recovery Project Possible

Project Promise, a St. Croix based non-profit organization, recognizing an immediate need to address trauma caused after two category five hurricanes, launched the Caterpillar Project Trauma in October 2017. With funds donated by the Research and Technology Park program (RTPark), the project introduced therapeutic techniques that included activities that promote resilience and wellness. Their holistic approach to healing focused on two central themes, "Exploring the Storm" and "Standing Strong."

“We welcome this partnership between Project Promise and the RTPark Program,” said UVI President David Hall. “We must always foster the development of our children – the most precious resource in the Territory. This partnership energizes and restores hope. Through the efforts of Ms. Resa O'Reilly, Project Promise’s founder, a lot has been achieved.”   

“At a time when our community, and certainly our children, need reassurance, it is our hope that this project can bring about an enhanced sense of peace and security in their lives,” said RTPark Board Chair Edward Thomas.  “The RTPark program and our clients strive to support the Virgin Islands community as we continue to rebuild stronger and better.”

 “You definitely saw the benefit of the therapeutic support,” said Project Promise Founder/President Resa O'Reilly.  VI Youth ages seven through 17 worked with therapists and had group session every Friday. “I think it was the best decision and the right decision to focus on the healing right after instead of jumping back into the regular curriculum. We had to take that moment to address the trauma and focus on healing after the storms.”

Project Promise has a long-term program of work - The Caterpillar Project - provides a comprehensive educational, health, career, and vocational support system for at-risk youth year round. Its mission is to improve the lives of at-risk youth on St. Croix by providing empowerment initiatives, cultural programs, and family services. The Caterpillar Project offers activities in life coaching, mentoring, tutoring, career exploration, personal wellness, creative expression, cultural awareness, and family support. The original pilot program was launched in January 2016.

More information is available in a news release on the Media Section of the UVI website – - and from this direct link.