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EPA Announces Environmental Education Grant to the University of the Virgin Islands

On Thurs. August 22, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that the University of the Virgin Islands has been selected to receive funding to support career development in marine and coastal science among students in the U.S. Virgin Islands. EPA anticipates that it will award the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) an Environmental Education grant in the amount of $100,000 once all legal and administrative requirements are satisfied.

“We are very pleased to select the University of the Virgin Islands to receive this funding and are excited that they are partnering with a number of organizations to help students understand how integral marine and coastal science is towards promoting environmental health, sustainability and the economic viability of the islands,” said Pete Lopez, EPA regional administrator. “Locally focused environmental education projects like this increase public awareness and knowledge about environmental and conservation issues and provide the skills needed to make informed decisions and be wise stewards of the environment.”

More information is available in a news release on the Media Section of the UVI website – - and from this direct link.