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UVI’s Youth Ocean Explores to Expand Program Thanks to Donation; Tropical Shipping & Saltchuk Gift to Enlighted Hundreds of VI Youth

Each summer the Youth Ocean Explorers (YOE) Program educates middle school and high school youth about the marine ecosystems that surround the territory.  Coral reefs and vital marine habitats come to life when students explore the marine environment and hear from leading experts working in eco fields. Thanks to a $18,500 donation from Tropical Shipping and their parent company, Saltchuk, more VI youth will be able to learn about the marine environment and possible marine careers in the industry.

 “The additional funds provided to us from Tropical Shipping will allow us to facilitate more technical and interactive activities and field trips,” said Howard Forbes Jr., Virgin Islands Marine Advisory Service coordinator. “We will now be able to offer a wider range of curriculum, increase the diversity of the students we can accept and provide more linkages with STEM professionals within our community.”

The YOE program is an integral educational program offered by the Virgin Islands Marine Advisory Service (VIMAS). The YOE offers students in grades seven -12 an opportunity to continue their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education during the summer, but in a fun and engaging way.  The program’s comprehensive curriculum is centered on Mathematics, Science, Marine Science, Chemistry, GeoSciences, Technology and Professional Development.

“Students learn about the importance our coral reefs and all of the invertebrate, vertebrate animals as well as plants that live among our reefs,” said Forbes. “Classroom activities are brought to life when students explore the many natural habitats available on St. Thomas, whether it be in the nearshore environment or in the open ocean.”

More information is available in a news release on the Media Section of the UVI website – - and from this direct link.