Historically American. Uniquely Caribbean. Globally Interactive.

More than fun in the sun, the University of the Virgin Islands offers a distinctive academic environment. At UVI, you will be energized by meaningful, challenging coursework and inspired by the innovative faculty research.

As a premier American university in the Caribbean, UVI welcomes students from the U. S. Virgin Islands, the U. S. mainland, and all around the world. Throughout our history, we have helped our students create better futures for themselves and their families. We want to help other students do the same.

UVI is more affordable than most students think. Because we are a publicly-funded university, we work to keep our tuition low. We also offer scholarships, loans, employment programs, and tuition payment plans to help students and families. UVI offers a deferred tuition payment plan that allows families to make smaller, more affordable payments over a semester instead of paying in one large sum.  

Meet our admissions recruiters.  Call 1-877-Go-To-UVI (1-877-468-6884) for Admission Information.  

UVI is accepting applications.