Hands-On Computer & Technology Training for Everyone!

St. Croix Campus Trainings:
PowerPoint, Excel. Basic Computer, Intermediate Computer

  • Beginning PowerPoint Workshop
  • Intermediate PowerPoint Workshop
  • Beginning Excel Workshop
  • Intermediate Excel Workshop
  • Basic Computer 7-week Training
  • Usefulness of Internet 4-hour Workshops

St. Thomas Campus Trainings:
 Focusing Primarily on Mobile Devices 

Many of our clients have experienced hardships due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We empathize with your situation and know that many of you do not have electricity so we will first be focusing on helping you better use your phones and mobile devices, which you've said you need more now than ever. Contact us with your name, number, type of device(s) and availability to learn the following:

  • Receiving and Making Calls
  • Receiving and Sending Texts
  • Receiving and Sending Emails
  • Adding/Locating/Editing Contacts
  • Using Calendar, Calculator & Notes
  • Taking pictures
  • Data vs. WiFi
  • Adding/Removing Apps
  • Using WhatsApp and/or Skype
  • Using Search Engines
  • Setting up Email (Checking, Sending, Attaching, Deleting)
  • Accessing Facebook
  • Using Messenger

Basic or Intermediate Computer, Internet, Social Media, Power Point, Excel or Smart/Mobile Device Workshops

  • Basic or Intermediate Computer (6 weeks)
  • Usefulness of Internet Workshop (1 day)
  • Usefulness of Social Media Workshop (1 day)
  • PowerPoint Workshop (3 days)
  • Excel Workshop (6 days)
  • Smart/Mobile Device Workshop* (Contact for the next working group)

***Maximum: 10-15 persons per session (RSVP via email/phone) Registration is required and must be confirmed

Basic and Intermediate Computer Training Courses

  • Basic Computer Class (Hardware, Software, Windows Operating System, MS Word, Internet, Gmail)
  • Intermediate Computer Class (Continuation of Basic with More Application)

St. Croix Computer Training Classes and Workshops will be conducted at the UVICES Office/Research and Extension Building, St. Croix campus.
St. Croix Contact:

St. Thomas Computer Training Classes and Workshops will be conducted at the UVICES Office - New House Building, St. Thomas campus.
St. Thomas/St. John Contact: