Employee Directory

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NameTitle & DepartmentEmail & Phone Number

Kadison, ElizabethResearch Analyst I
Provost's Office
Research and Public Service
STT: 340-776-9200 ext 2383
Kentopp, TimothyInstructor of Computer Science
College of Science and Mathematics
STX: 340-692-4286
Ketcham, Stuart RProfessor of Science of Bio-Chemistry
College of Science and Mathematics
STX: 340-692-4146
STX: 340-244-2020
King, Janet C. Administrative Specialist II
Dean of Students
Student Activities Center
STT: 340-693-1320
King-Bernier, Grace A.Program Assistant II - CYFAR
Cooperative Extension Services
STX: 340-692-4087
Kloss, JamesPart-time Faculty
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
STX: 340-692-4110