Access and Enrollment Services


Access & Enrollment Services
Title Date added Category File Size File Type
2013-14 Graduate Bulletin 11/26/2013 Registrar
2MB pdf
Academic Calendar 10/19/2021 Registrar
113KB Publication
Banweb Instructions Fall 04/02/2019 Registrar
134KB Form-Survey
Banweb Registratiaon Instructions spring 2019 09/30/2015 Registrar
599KB Brochure
Change of Residency Form 01/28/2014 Access and Enrollment Services
379KB Brochure
Common Registration Errors 03/28/2020 Registrar
279KB Policy-Procedure
Course Registration Form 08/21/2013 Access and Enrollment Services
414KB Form-Survey
Final Exam Schedule Fall 2022 10/29/2015 Registrar
569KB Policy-Procedure
Final Exam Schedule Spring 01/25/2017 Registrar
174KB Policy-Procedure
Permit to Release 09/30/2015 Registrar
231KB Form-Survey
Permit to Release Form 09/30/2015 Registrar
231KB Publication
Replacement Degree Application 10/07/2013 Registrar
152KB Form-Survey
UVI FERPA Annual Notice 06/17/2013 Access and Enrollment Services
155KB Publication
Verification of Enrollment 09/29/2015 Registrar
614KB Form-Survey
Veteran Request for Certificaition 06/13/2016 Registrar
587KB Form-Survey
Change/Addition of Program 09/29/2015 Registrar
290KB Form-Survey
Change of Student Personal Information 03/28/2017 Registrar
241KB Form-Survey
Admittance to a Closed Class 07/11/2017 Registrar
470KB Form-Survey
Permission To Take Courses At Another Institution 06/10/2016 Registrar
165KB Form-Survey
Banweb Registration Instructions Spring 2019 09/30/2015 Registrar
132KB Brochure
Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Course Equivalencies 12/12/2013 Registrar
316KB Policy-Procedure
University of St Martin Course Equivalencies 12/12/2013 Registrar
309KB Policy-Procedure
Advance Placement Credit Equivalencies 12/12/2013 Registrar
183KB Policy-Procedure
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Equivalences 12/12/2013 Registrar
0B Policy-Procedure
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College 12/12/2013 Registrar
0B Policy-Procedure
H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Course Equivalencies 12/12/2013 Registrar
350KB Policy-Procedure
International Baccalaureate Credit Equivalencies 12/12/2013 Registrar
312KB Policy-Procedure
239KB Publication