Associate of Science Degree Computer Science Major

The associate of science degree in computer science is intended to provide a sound foundationin computer science and to develop professional skills in programming and networks.It is also designed to serve as an intermediate step towards acquiring the baccalaureate degree in computer science. Depending upon previous educational background, this associatedegree can be completed in two to three years on either the St. Thomas or St. Croix campus. In addition to the general education requirements (see pp. 72-73), the following courses are

A. Required courses in Freshman Studies (required for anyone admitted into the program with fewer than 24 credits):

  • SCI 100 The Natural World: The Caribbean 3
  • SSC 100* An Introduction to the Social Sciences: A Caribbean Focus 3

FDS 100 Freshman Development Seminar 1

*Partially fulfills Social Science Requirements

B. Required Computer Science courses: Credits
  • CSC 117 Introduction to Programming I 4
  • CSC 118 Introduction to Programming II 4
  • CSC 119 Computer Graphics Applications 1
  • CSC 197,198 Computer Science Seminar 1,1
  • CSC 239 Scientific Computer Applications 2
  • CSC 240 Human Computer Interface Design 2
  • CSC 241 Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • and Digital Systems 4
  • CSC 242 Data Structures 4
  • CSC 243 Digital Communications and Networks 4
  • CSC 250 Principles of Operating Systems 3
C. Required Mathematics courses: Credits
  • MAT 143* Precalculus Algebra 4

    or MAT 140* College Algebra with Applications 4

  • and MAT 142* College Trigonometry 4

    or MAT 235* Introductory Statistics with Applications 4

    or MAT 241* Introduction to Calculus I and Analytical Geometry 4

    or MAT 233* Discrete Mathematics 3

    or MAT 215* Introduction to Number Theory 3

    or MAT 232 Calculus for Business and Social Science 4

*Partially fulfills the general education requirements

D. One of the following Science courses is required: Credits
  • BIO 141 General Biology I 4
  • CHE 151 General Chemistry I 5
  • PHY 211 Introduction to Physics I 4
  • PHY 241 General Physics I 5

Note: It is recommended that students intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree elect to take

MAT 143: Precalculus Algebra, MAT 142: College Trigonometry, MAT 241: Introduction to

Calculus I, and PHY 241: General Physics I. Some baccalaureate programs expect students to

take MAT 233: Discrete Mathematics in the lower division. Baccalaureate students should review

their academic planning beyond the A.S. degree with their advisor.

Students who do not intend to pursue a baccalaureate degree may wish to take MAT 140:

College Algebra with Applications, MAT 235: Introductory Statistics with Applications,

MAT 233: Discrete Mathematics, and any one of the following courses: PHY 211: Introduction

to Physics I, or BIO 141: General Biology I.

E. Required Humanities Courses: Credits
  • COM 119 Interpersonal Communication and Leadership Skills 3
  • ENG 120 English Composition 3
  • ENG 201 Research and Applied Writing 3
F. Two other courses in the Social Sciences from:

Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology

G. Physical Education

Full-time students must enroll for 0.5 credit hour of P.E. for each full-time semester up to 2

credits, or enroll in Personal Life Skills 200.

H. Passing score on the English Proficiency Examination

I. Passing score on the Computer Literacy Examination