School of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Graduation Requirements
Prospective Students should be aware that all requirements for the degree can be completed on either campus.
EDU 108 Early Childhood Development I 3
EDU 109 Inclusive Early Childhood Environments I 3
EDU 113 Early Childhood Development II 3
EDU 114 Inclusive Early Childhood Environments II 3
EDU 214 Family and Community Relations 3
EDU 215 Guiding Children’s Early Behavior 3
EDU 216 Inclusive Early Childhood Curricula 3
EDU 217 Ethical and Legal Issues in Early Childhood Education   3
EDU 219 Promoting Language and  Literacy in Early Childhood 3
EDU 221 Foundations of Education 3
EDU 302 Introduction to Exceptional Education 3
EDU 304 Teaching Reading and Literacy in IECE 3
EDU 305 Teaching Mathematics in IECE 3
EDU 306 Creative Arts and Expression in IECE 3
EDU 307 Teaching Science in IECE 3
EDU 308 Integrating and Adapting Curriculum 3
EDU 350 Instructional Design and Technology  3
EDU 403 Assessment for Effective Teaching in IECE  3
EDU 406   Student Teaching in IECE 6
EDU 407 Seminar in Student Teaching in IECE 2
And one of the following as an elective:
EDU 404 Administration and Supervision of IECE 3
EDU 405 Collaboration and Consultation in IECE 3

Requirements for graduation include

a) maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.33;
b) successful completion of all education course requirements with grades no lower than “C”; and
c) successful completion of PRAXIS II.