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At UVI you can explore your interests, make discoveries, start a business, study abroad, and gain the knowledge and experience to create the future you want.
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Globally Relevant Programs

From Data Science to Nursing, UVI programs prepare you for today’s in-demand careers. Courses are taught by award-winning faculty at the top of their field.  

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Bennett, Wood and Knight
UVI’s plethora of programs and academic counseling continues to create a platform for Caribbean students to attain a higher education in an affordable, familiar environment. I would encourage others to enroll. It’s a small door with many experiences.
Xuxa Garroden
Chemistry ‘21
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The UVI Community

Whether you enjoy sports or dancing or writing or nature -- we make it easy for you to connect and enjoy your time here.

Student Life

Innovative Research

Find out how students, faculty, and staff work together to spur new research findings and economic growth throughout the Caribbean.

Universally Affordable

As a public institution, UVI is committed to making its programs available and affordable. See if you qualify for the Free Tuition program and other financial aid.
of students received financial aid support in 2020
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Financial Aid Specialists
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Personalized learning

Personalized Learning

Small classes and accessible faculty allow students to get to know their professors and receive support throughout their studies

Student Success
It is the best educational experience any student can ask for. The University is small and provides for a very welcoming environment. I had some of the most supportive professors, and the staff is exceptional. My years at UVI left me with a network of great and helpful acquaintances.
Dr. Ilive Peltier
Ph.D. in Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change '21
Dr. Llive Peltier

Global Reach

Gain perspectives from our diverse student population, study abroad opportunities, and partnerships around the world.
Study Abroad

Happening at UVI


Fundamental Critical Care Support Course

08:30 AM - 04: 00 PM
UVI Simulation Center - A A Sheen Campus

World Food Day 2023

12:00 PM - 06: 00 PM
Albert A. Sheen Campus, St. Croix

CGTC Annual Energy Fair

09:45 AM - 04: 00 PM
Elridge Wilbur Blake Sports & Fitness Center