School of Education
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

Graduation Requirements

Individual courses are aligned with the Educational Leadership Standards (ELCC), thus ensuring that the program represents a synthesis of content and experiences that result in the students’ demonstration of the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions articulated in the ELCC standards and ultimately their success, not only in managing schools, but also in improving student achievement in those schools that they will manage.

Course Number Course Titles Credits
EDU 500 Basic Research Techniques 3
EDU 501 Tests and Measurements 3
EDU 504 Educational Psychology 3
EDU 505

Anthropological and Sociological Foundations of American Education with Reference to the Virgin Islands

EDU 506 Foundations of Guidance 3
EDU 600 or **EDU 530



Independent Study - Plus one elective   

EDU 520  Characteristics of Exceptional Children     3
EDU 547  Fundamentals of School Administration     3
EDU 548  Organization and Governance of American Education 3
EDU 549  Supervision of Instruction and Staff Development 3
EDU 550 Seminar on Issues in Educational Administration  3
EDU 551  Curriculum Development  3
EDU 562  Introduction to Educational Technology 3
EDU 567 Directed Field Experience in Administration   3
EDU 577 School Law 3
EDU 578  School Finance 3
Total Credits   51

**No-Thesis Option

Students majoring in Educational Leadership who do not write a thesis must enroll in EDU 530, Independent Study, must take one course taken from the graduate education courses, and pass the comprehensive examination,. The guidelines and administration date for the comprehensive examination are available in the School of Education. Students who fail two retakes of the comprehensive exam will be dismissed from the program.