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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Career Advice

The BA degree in Criminal Justice prepares students for public safety and private security positions such as local/municipal police officers, VI marshals, corrections officers, enforcement officers, state or federal patrols, customs agents, as well as managers and supervisors in these fields. 

It is recommended that students select additional courses from the criminal justice major core courses in order to broaden their preparation or to direct their program toward their interested field of specialization.  Students should seek advisement from the Criminal Justice Advisor to plan their career path and select appropriate electives and substitutions where available in the paradigm.

Career Websites which may be of interest to students enrolling in the BA degree program:

 ** Use this web site to search for federal law enforcement jobs. Note that, other than exceptions with TSA and US Border Patrol, US Federal Law Enforcement Agencies usually require that applicants hold a minimum of as Bachelor’s degree as a pre-requisite for hiring. Here are examples of job titles you may search for:
  • Civil Rights Analyst
  • Consumer Safety Officer
  • Corrections Institutions Administrator
  • Custom and Border Protection Air Interdiction Agent
  • Customs Entry and Liquidating Officer
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist
  • Equal Opportunity Compliance Specialist
  • Foreign Law Specialist
  • General Investigator
  • Intelligence Aid/Clerk
  • Internal Revenue Agent
  • Private Sector Security Officer
  • Security Guard
  • Social Science, Psychology and Welfare
  • Clerk of Court
  • Correctional Officer
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Customs and Border Protection Officer
  • Customs Inspector
  • Equal Opportunity Assistant
  • Fish and Wildlife Administrator
  • Game Law Enforcement Officer
  • Highway Safety Specialist
  • Intelligence Analyst/Specialist
  • Internal Revenue Officer
  • Police Officer/Federal Protective Officer
  • Security Clerk/Assistant
  • Social Science Specialist
  • Social Services Aid/Assistant
 Contact the Criminal Justice Faculty Advisors:
St. Thomas ~ Atty. Nandi Sekou