College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Social Sciences Department 
Minor in Political Science 

Prospective Students should be aware that all requirements for the minor can be completed on either campus.

Courses Required to graduate (does not include the General Education Requirements) Credits
POL 120 Introduction to Political Science 3
One Political Science , chosen from the following:
POL 129 Introduction to Public Administration 3
POL 151 American Government 3
And, four additional courses, chosen from the following:
POL 340 Caribbean Government and Politics 3
POL 341 African Politics 3
POL 351 Comparative Government 3
POL 352 International Politics 3
POL 3XX Political Theory 3
POL 3XX Political Participation and Elections 3
POL 401 US Virgin Islands Government and Politics 3
Other Requirements
Complete all POL courses with a grade of C or better.