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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

The Social Work Major prepares baccalaureate level social work professional practitioners to meet the social work manpower needs in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. The aim of the curriculum is to prepare graduates who are social work generalists.

Baccalaureate social work education focuses on preparing students for generalist social work practice. The generalist practitioner is able to use a variety of specific methodologies with different types of clients and has the ability to work in all three levels of social work practice: direct practice with individuals, groups, and families; administration; and social planning/community development. (A major role within generalist practice is that of case manager).

Field education is a core component of the social work curriculum. Through internship at various agencies, students are assigned small caseloads and are able to develop all of the skills of general practice target in the methods courses. They are supervised by social workers with a master’s degree in social work who has at least three years supervisory experience.

At the end of the educational process, students become generalist practitioners who are able to practice in various settings in their communities by contributing to the alleviation of human suffering and social problems.

There are currently no concentrations or specializations for the social work major. Entry level courses can be completed on either campus, but degree must be completed on St. Thomas campus. The Introduction to Social Work course is offered by video-conference to social work majors on the St. Croix campus. The courses in the social work major must be completed on the St. Thomas campus during the students’ junior and senior year. Students on St. Croix are assigned to an Advisor, but can also contact the Program Coordinator for information on the major.

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