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Concentration in Computational Biology

College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Biological Sciences

Concentration in Computational Biology

Students earning the B.S. Biology Major may choose to complete a Concentration in Computational Biology.  This interdisciplinary concentration will prepare students to participate in new frontiers of research in which gigantic volumes of data are analyzed to seek answers to questions in molecular, medical, and environmental biology.  

The requirements to complete the Concentration in Computational Biology include all of the requirements for the B.S. Biology Major plus the following:                          

Course Numbers Course Credits
CSC 117-118 Introduction to Programming I-II 3-3
CSC 242 Data Structures         4
MAT 261 Linear Algebra 4
MAT 352 Mathematical Modeling 3
BIO/CSC/MAT 361 Bioinformatics 4

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Dean Sandra Romano, Ph.D.
Department Chair Michelle Peterson, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant Marlene Parrot-Gokool