The activities UVI has engaged in as a result of the 2000-2005 Strategic Plan have strengthened the University as a collaborative community.

The lessons learned from the creation, enactment, and completion of this Plan have prepared the UVI community for the initiation of VISION 2012. The matters of continuing interest noted below have been incorporated into VISION 2012.

Matters of Continuing Interest
  • Enhancing enrollment
  • Enhancing academic quality through program rationalization
  • Improving compensation to enhance recruitment & retention of staff/faculty
  • Reengineering work processes for greater efficiency & effectiveness
  • Strengthening educational and institutional effectiveness
  • Improving assessment of student learning outcomes
  • Reducing operational costs for enhanced efficiencies
  • Expanding CELL to meet territorial training needs
  • Redesigning information technology infrastructure
The achievements realized between 2002 and 2005, under the guidance of the 2000-2005 Strategic Plan, have better positioned UVI to move forward and become an exceptional U.S. institution of higher education dedicated to student success, committed to excellence, and pledged to enhancing the social and economic transformation of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

As we begin to implement a new strategic plan, Vision 2012, we can look back with pride to the guidance provided by this five-year plan. It laid the groundwork for us to reach further and expect more of the journey ahead.

2000-2005 Strategic Plan
Closeout Report