All great journeys begin with visionary leaders and champions. The generosity and expert guidance of UVI's many friends and supporters have made VISION 2012 possible, and we thank you all for your passionate attention and yes, your vision.
Board of Trustees

Judy M. Gomez

Roy D. Jackson

Dr. Noreen Michael '78, Ex-officio

Alexander A. Moorhead, Vice Chair

Dr. Bernard H. Paiewonsky

Dr. LaVerne E. Ragster, Ex-officio

Dr. Auguste Rimpel, Jr., Chair

Deanna E. Rogers '85, '87, Alumni Trustee

Dr. Lynn E. Rosenthal, Faculty Trustee

Atty. Henry C. Smock

Judge Audrey L. Thomas

Dr. Yvonne E. L. Thraen

The Hon. Dr. Charles W.Turnbull, Ex-officio and Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Jay Wiltshire '06, Student Trustee

Juanita M. Woods

President's Cabinet*

Joseph B. Boschulte, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

John A. D'Orazio, Campus Executive Administrator, St. Thomas

Dr. Monique A. Guillory, Campus Executive Administrator, St. Croix

Dr. Deborah C. Fontaine**, Former Chief of Staff

Tina M. Koopmans, Vice President, Information & Technology Services

Dr. Al Hasan I. Musah, Provost

Vincent G. Samuel '83, Vice President, Administration & Finance

Dr. Henry H. Smith '76, Vice Provost, Research & Public Service

*Cabinet members also serve on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee.

** Former Steering Committee Chair

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Dayle Barry, Coordinator, Title III

Dr. Doris C. Battiste, Associate Campus Administrator, Student Affairs, St. Thomas

LilyMae Durante '79, '80, Associate Campus Administrator, Operations, St. Thomas

Ilene P. Garner, Director, CELL

Onage S. Ghanie '07, Student Representative, St. Croix

Apryl Gilliss, Inaugural Editor, UVI Strategic Directions Newsletter

Steve D. Goode, Director, Sponsored Programs

Dr. David H. Gould, Faculty Chair

Elizabeth J. Holford, Consultant

Dr. Mary Ann LaFleur, Director, Institutional Research & Planning

Patrice K. Johnson, Director, Public Relations

Dr. Ededet A. Iniama, Faculty Co-Chair

Charles A. Martin, Director, Facilities, St. Thomas

Angela M. McGhee, Vice Provost, Curriculum & Instruction

Frank L. Mills '67, Chair, Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee

Mitchell A. Neaves, Director, Annual Giving

Pat O'Donnell, Director, Capital Project

Alkin Paul '06, Student Representative, St. Thomas

Veda V. Richards, Director, Human Resource

Carolyn R. Cook-Roberts, Director, Enrollment Management

Judith Rogers, Manager, Information & Technology Services

Michelle Smitherman, Editor, UVI Strategic Directions Newsletter

Claude C. Steele, Associate Campus Administrator, Student Affairs, St. Croix

Dr. Patricia R. Todman, Co-Chair, Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee

Nereida C. Washington '85, '87, '93, Associate Campus Administrator, Operations, St. Croix

Dr. Meri Whittaker, Director, VI-EPSCoR

Former Faculty Chairs and Co-Chairs:

Dr. Aletha Baumann

Dr. Ronald E. Harrigan '68, '72

Dr. Richard Hall

Dr. Adelle C. Bell '72

Dr. Malik Sekou '89

Special Thanks

The Virgin Islands community; and University students, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni.

Elyzabeth Holford for her support and assistance with employee workshops; Patrice Johnson for guiding the branding and marketing aspects; and Ilene Garner for support with Town Hall meetings.

Dr. Deborah C. Fontaine for leading the development of VISION 2012.

Title III Office, U.S. Department of Education, for its generous financial support of VISION 2012's development and publication.